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About DuraFlag®


DuraFlag® offer a range of high quality flags, designed to be a suitable solution for both indoor and outdoor flag use. For many years, there has been a sizeable gap in the flag market between the cheap display flags and the rather expensive, made to order flags. DuraFlag® intends to fill this gap, by offering a high quality range of flags without the hefty price tag.


The main difference you will notice between a flag made by DuraFlag® and cheaper imported flags is how long the flag will last before needing to be replaced. There are many features that make DuraFlag® a great choice for your flag flying needs, explained below.



DuraFlag® uses traditional screen printing methods to print onto high quality knitted polyester. This results in great colour saturation and low production costs, allowing us to offer a flag with vibrant colours at a much lower price than those who digitally print their flags. Digital printing usually only allows full ink transfer to the reverse if the material is thin and lightweight, whereas screen printing allows great ink penetration through heavier materials, meaning DuraFlag® are able to use much thicker knitted polyester without sacrificing the quality of the print.


Of course, cheap imported flags are often also screen printed, so there are many other qualities exclusive to flags made by DuraFlag® to set them apart. Firstly, our flags are all produced using dye printing, as opposed to the cheaper pigment printing option. Dye printed flags last much longer outdoors than pigment printed flags. Cheaper flags are often also made onto lightweight woven polyester, which is far less durable than the knitted polyester used on a DuraFlag® flag. As an extra consideration of quality, all DuraFlag® flags have a reinforced fly end with four rows of stitching - two more than standard double sewn flags.



Weight is also an important factor when choosing the right flag for your needs, and DuraFlag® flags have been designed with this in mind. They are heavier and more durable than other flags, without being too heavy to fly. Fully sewn flags for example, can often be too heavy to actually fly in the wind. DuraFlag® flags do not have any problems flying proudly from a flagpole.


Lastly, the decision of which flag is best for your needs will be effected by both the price, and also the availability. DuraFlag® flags are all made in advance, and kept in high stock. This means that not only can you expect fast delivery, but they also priced very competitively. As they are available off the shelf you can expect much faster delivery times compared to getting a flag made to order. Furthermore, we stock many designs in multiple sizes, with various fitting options including rope and toggle, and D-rings.



DuraFlag® was created in order to offer flag enthusiasts a high quality solution, at the lowest price possible - with off the shelf delivery times. Below is short summary of the key features of any DuraFlag® flag:


  • 150 gsm knitted polyester
  • Dye printed, via screen printing in bold, clear colours
  • Various sizes available
  • Multiple fitting options (rope and toggled, D-rings)
  • Double sewn edges, with four rows of stitching on the fly end
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Available from stock


There is no such thing as a permanent outdoor solution, but if any flag stands a chance, it's DuraFlag®.